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Quit Smoking Through Hypnosis Quitting smoking is known to be extremely difficult for smokers that are addicted to nicotine. The health hazards of smoking cigarettes cause millions of people to have a desire to quit each year. Cancer is directly caused by smoking cigarettes and is claiming lives and causing heartache everyday throughout the world. Various methods exist to help a person quit smoking, and many work, but there is one option that is fairly new and often forgotten. This method is hypnosis. Hypnosis penetrates deep into the mind and in a sense re-programs it to not crave nicotine and cigarettes. Hypnosis has proven to be a very effective way to quit smoking. Many smokers who have a desire to quit do it simply through self-determination and focus on not reaching for a cigarette every time they feel the urge to have one. This method does work for many people, but it also ends in disaster for just as many. After a failed attempt to quit smoking, the smoker often gets worse. This makes quitting even harder during the next attempt. Trying to quit smoking with no help will take a very long time because the smoker’s body will still crave nicotine and the person will crave a cigarette at certain times; for example, during a time of high stress. This difficulty with trying to quit smoking by sheer determination is why hypnosis is a good alternative if a person is willing to try it. From the research that I have done, it seems that the hypnosis method does work with many people. Hypnosis helps with a smoker’s subconscious thoughts and helps control those little urges to have a cigarette that come ever so often for those trying to quit. Through hypnosis, the smoker’s mind is programmed to have absolutely no desire at all to have a cigarette. Often times, the idea of smoking is not appealing at all to those who undergo hypnosis for their quitting problem. Often times multiple hypnosis sessions are needed to experience the full results and get a person to stop smoking. Not everyone who desires to quit smoking will be able to afford a hypnotist to help with their problem. Sessions can end up being quite expensive. In closing, hypnosis is a great alternative to other popular quitting methods. If you can afford hypnosis sessions and think that this concept may work for you, do some more research and find out if there are any hypnotherapist in your area who can help you.