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How To- Weight Loss Using Self Hypnosis The term “hetero” in hypnosis simply means a person other than yourself is the ‘operator’.That said, true self hypnosis should be your instruction to yourself, in your own words. When learning self hypnosis is first of all vital to understand how one’s mind functions. The subconscious mind has no problem accepting instruction from you, you merely need to be taught how to access it correctly.Therefore I would suggest a one on one comprehensive lesson with a qualified Hypnotherapist before proceeding. Purchasing down loadable mp3s online is a quick and easy way to begin, however it does not provide you with information about how your mind learns and functions, and again, it is ‘hetero’ in that another person’s voice is issuing the suggestions to you. When it comes to weight loss, we all know without doubt that in this fast food age that it is too easy to grab an unhealthy meal on the go.Because of this, it is important to understand that the process which allows you to make these unwise decisions is more likely to be an underlying issue. Most weight gain is due to repressed issues from your past. Here is a simple way to uncover these issues, and be on your way to losing weight the healthy and simple way. First of all, check with your Doctor to make sure there are no physical reasons for your weight gain, as it could be a mask for a more serious condition. A referral may be necessary to see a Hypnotherapist, depending on what State you live in.Never, ever, have your Hypnotherapist cloak pain for you which may be stopping you from exercising. This is your body’s way of letting you know there may be a more sinister underlying issue. Next, and as odd as this may sound, go and get your old photo albums out. Look back over the years, and discover the year where you first began to gain weight. What happened at that time in your life? This is quite an effective and very easy way of pinpointing the exact time when something particularly upsetting may have happened, which caused you to feel a little depressed-hence stress and weight gain are inevitable followers. Take some time to read about the benefits of Self Hypnosis, and how it can help you become more motivated in all areas of your life. It is fact that the mind-body connection truly exists. A simple dose of optimism and enthusiasm as the most wholesome medicines of all. With self empowerment we really can achieve anything we set our minds to. There are many Hypnotherapists who can teach you how to properly use self hypnosis, and how you can also tailor your sessions to suit other aspects of your life which you may want to alter. “We are-according to our thoughts” Try this method above for yourself and you will quickly begin to notice a major decrease of not only your stress levels and the illnesses it creates, but your waistline too.